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Every new customer receives a Free 30 day Trial.

Monthly subscribers will receive their first bill 30 days after they sign up at the beginning of each month of service.

Yearly subscribers will receive their first bill 30 days after they sign up for VirtualCallboard, and for every year thereafter on that same anniversary date of their first bill.

Paperless Only

You will receive all bills from VirtualCallboard at the email address you specify as a billing address when you subscribe. A site administrator can also access billing and account information by clicking on the Administration > Invoices/Payments tab

Making Payments

Credit Cards:  We accept all major credit cards.  Please provide your credit card during the sign up process or via the Administration > Invoices/Payments tab.

Send a Payment in the Mail:  For organizations who cannot use a credit card to subscribe to our services, we can accept a purchase order or 2-party organizational check on an exception basis.  Please contact us after subscribing to set this up.  Only annual subscribers can utilize this method of payment.

Account Deactivation/Deletion

Failure to provide payment within 5 days of the due date will result in a temporary site deactivation.  If payment is not provided, your site will be scheduled for deletion as per the terms of service.