Trial Specialist Service

We get it.

Getting your organization started on a new system is difficult, and can take a lot of your valuable time.

But, we’re here to help.

Trial Specialist Service

Each new trial comes with three one-hour trial kickstart sessions.  Our VirtualCallboard specialist will meet with you and anyone from your team to answer questions, understand your production needs, and actually assist in the hands-on work of getting VirtualCallboard up and running for your first production.

Best of all, it’s free!

Ready to go it alone?

Want some more tips?  Here are things we’ve learned over the years for rolling out VirtualCallboard to your organization:

  1. Start with one production.  Tell your cast, crew, and artistic team that you’ll be experimenting with a new way to communicate.  Set expectations that you are open to everyone’s feedback along the way.
  2. Start with one feature.  Pick something like reports, messages, discussions, or schedule.  Have a smaller group of people try the feature first and ask for their feedback on whether it helped.